Our Newest Solinea weave,  Suvant & Suntex generation Fabrics

Sunveil has two main UV-clothing and accessory lines available to our customers: one made from our newest Solinea fabric, our previous generation (Suntex) fabric in limited selections, and the other from our Suvant material. The fabrics are polyester-based materials permanently infused with UV inhibiting polymer resins.  The weave and design allows them to be breezy, cool, and unbelievably lightweight, while also offering excellent sun protection from UVA and UVB rays. There are some distinct characteristics that discern the fabrics, and below is a reference guide that can be used to determine what Sunveil clothing is most suitable for your needs, or how you would like to mix and match your sunwear outfits.

(New) Solinea & previous generation Suntex Fabric

The highly unique linen-weave fabric that makes Sunveil clothing so recognizable is our classic Solinea fabric, which has a distinctive and gauze-like appearance. Clothing made from this cloth is designed to be worn as sunwear overtop of your regular summer fashion. Some of the greatest features about the Solinea material is that it:

  • Is featherweight and comfortable
  • Is breathable, breezy, cool, and well-ventilated
  • Now has a moisture wicking feature, to moderate dryness in the most humid climates
  • Allows the summer apparel underneath to show through
  • Can be worn as a sun-protective cover up over bathing suits and swim wear in chlorinated, fresh, and salt water

Our new & improved Solinea Weave now has the appearance of a fine, gauze-like Linen with a cottony feel.  It was developed in 2015 to replace the previous "Suntex" generation (though very similar concept) Sunveil fabric, and to provide customers with more comfortably effective sun-protective clothing. Colour and styling are important features to consider when it comes to protective clothes, since darker colours absorb more UV rays, adding to the protection level. Similarly, a double layer will provide a higher UV protection, meaning that the Solinea fabric will provide the highest UPF rating when there is a double layer of a fabric. Through their fabrication—including multiple layering and fusing agents—certain Solinea styles in dark colours (such as Denim) can afford a UPF rating as high as 50+, while a single layer of a lighter colour (such as white) will render a UPF of 24. Light colour double-layered yoke coverage such as shoulders and chest will afford an increase an area protection of up to 40.  Mid-range colours such as medium blues range between a 40 - 45 UPF. All Hat styles are UPF 50+.

Suvant Fabric

Sunveil’s Suvant fabric was developed in 2010 to provide extremely sun-sensitive customers with a fashionable and highly effective alternative to our Suntex material. Since it does not have the same sheer weave as Suntex, Suvant clothing can be worn alone as lightweight summer sportswear. Suvant fabric is just as lightweight as our Suntex fabric, but it differs in that it:

  • Has an opaque appearance
  • Does not have to be worn in conjunction with other summer fashions
  • Has a silky or satiny look
  • Feels cool and soft against the skin, and is ideal for sensitive skin
  • Is equipped with a moisture wicking feature that will help to keep you dry on humid days

Suvant is currently has available 2 of (4) colours, each of which has been individually tested and rated. The different colours provide the following UPF ratings:

  • UPF 30: White and oyster [ Hats & accessories]
  • UPF 50+: Toffee & Poppy 

And although Suvant has a lustrous silky look, it is just as durable as other Sunveil products, and will provide you with years upon years of trusted sun protection.