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"The Sunscreen that Never Wears Off!"   Since 1986.

Children's Sun Protection

From PTPA (Parent-Tested, Parent-Approved) Award-Winning kid’s caps & jackets, to simply-super stroller covers, we have sanguine solutions to every day in the sun for the little one.

Style 661 - Unisex Child's Jacket
$ 69.00
Style 662 - Unisex Child's Pants
$ 45.00
Style 663 - Unisex Child's Suncap
$ 49.00
Style 664 - Unisex Child's Suncrusher
$ 46.00
Style 671 - Infant's Prampoppette
$ 45.00
Style 672 - Infant's Prampopper
$ 49.00
Style 674 - Infant's Sunsmock
$ 54.00
Style 675 - Infant's Sunbonny
$ 29.00
Style 891 - Unisex Toddy Jacket / By "Special Order" only.
$ 69.00
Style 892 - Unisex Toddy Pants / By "Special Order" only.
$ 45.00
Style 893 - Unisex Koala Kap / By "Special Order" only.
$ 49.00
Style 895 - Unisex Child's Suncrusher / By "Special Order" only.
$ 49.00
Style 896 - Infant's Sunbonny / By "Special Order" only.
$ 29.00
Style 897 - Infant's Sunsmock / By "Special Order" only.
$ 59.00
Magi-Clean Concentrated Cleaner 1oz / 28.41ml bottle
$ 9.00